Featured Cam Syrup Model Sherryshen


Ladies and Gentlemen this is Sherryshen! If you have been in search for the best cam model then choosing this girl is the best decision of your life. She is all about pleasure and pleasure and pleasure! What else could you want? because this girl is a 10 in every category there is to judge females’ by. She has the looks the brains and the character of a Goddess.

She moves like the wind and cums like a ten thousand dollar a night hooker you will wonder what you have been doing with your life after you cum to her cumming to. She has orgasm after orgasm on webcam and makes some of the greatest hip movements when she cums that you will want to never stop watching her.

Here are some of her measurement from her figure but do not let the number sfool you she is a bonafide 10.

Eye color: Light Brown
Hair color: Black
Body Type: Normal
Boob size: B
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Shoe size: 3
3 piercings

You can see more of SherryShen below on Cam Syrup

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