Featured Cam Syrup Model Kitty Caitlin

Kitty Caitlin

This Cam Syrup model will have you thirsting for more when she gets done with you. The total package does not even begin to explain just how cute and sexy this cam model is. The thirst trap of all thirst traps would probably be better. She hails from Russia but speaks English as a second language and knows how to use Google translate like the rest of the internet so there is no barrier in speaking to and having her understand and your words.

Kitty Caitlin has a very colorful character, many times she can be seen posing and acting like a kitty cat on her webcam. She preforms from her bed mainly and can do tons of tricks and positions on there while on cam. She has tip controlled sex toys you can control when they are in her. She has many outfits and loves to change out every once and while to keep things fresh. She has HUGE tits and great looking nipples that she flashes every once and awhile and a smile that is very sexy with bright white straight teeth. An ass you dream of and a slutty look about her that makes you just wanna fuck her brains out if you were ever lucky enough to get the chance.

She has lots of extra pictures and videos you can buy as upgrades and is live on her sex cam just about every day of the week. You got to give this working girl credit as she is good at what she does which is making your webcam fantasies happen. A true crowd pleaser so do not miss your chance to catch her live the next time she is on her webcam here on Cam Syrup.

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  1. You were not lying when you wrote she is the ultimate thirst trap. I went ahead and favorited her page and plan on coming back time and time again to see her live on cam.

    With her looks she has got to be raking in the money each night from all that see her I hope she does something great with all that cash.

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