Featured Cam Syrup Model Jennytenn


Catch up on the latest fun activities Jennytenn has going on when she is live on cam. She has been working as a cam model here for quite some time and has many followers. She is very hot looking watching on video, but much hotter once you start chatting with her live on webcam. You can sit back and watch her for hours do live sex acts on cam and feel like it was just a minute or two. She is the kind of girl you just want to chat with and bring home to mom to show her off to.

She seems like a southern girl maybe from Tennessee even as the name may imply or maybe she considers herself a 10 the ten was already taken so she had to add the extra n on  either way or another she is a lot of fun to see entertain on webcam. I know this sounds like something you would see written on the bathroom wall of some night club downtown somewhere but trust me, if your looking to have a good time watch Jennytenn.

As to what she does or is willing to do on her cam just ask her and see if its something she will do, as she aims to please and does lots of different things from free flashes to one on one private chats. If you want to give her some extra pleasure then send her a tip and her vibrator will start to vibrate giving her pleasure. Like all our models here at Cam Syrup she has a free sex cam  channel to watch anytime that is for adults only.

Check out some of Jennytenns sexy body features.

Eye color: Light Brown
Hair color: Brown Greyish
Body Type: Normal
Boob size: B
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 107 pounds
Shoe size: 3

You can see more of JennyTenn here on Cam Syrup by clicking the link below

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  1. This girl reminds of the Jenny from the Forrest Gump movie she is very sexy and totally a babe. Wish I could get with a chick like that around here but there is no one looks even close to the way she does in this small town.

    I guess I need to move to the city to find some women like her.

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